Automation at joke

Industry is constantly looking for ways to optimise the quality and efficiency of applied processes. This requires innovation and the exploration of new technologies.
In recent years, we have successfully developed a new business field in the area of automation. High personnel costs and a shortage of specialist staff are leading to an increasing interest in this segment.
joke mechanix GmbH offers automation solutions in many areas. Our portfolio ranges from smaller applications to fully automated packaging lines for food bags.
It is also possible to adapt our automation systems to machines from other manufacturers.

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Robo systems

Automatic packaging systems are also available for our converting lines. We offer solutions with robots, as well as individual automation systems.
The video shows a 4-up paper compound bag line with a gripper system to automatically pack the bag stacks into cartons. The number of cartons as well as the number of bags can be freely selected.
A control function places bags on a separate deposit conveyor for quality assurance.
The Robo and packaging systems can also be used on existing customer machines.


Offline Programming

Offline programming means programming the robot outside its "normal" production environment, on an external computer. This can prevent the production interruptions in which the robot is programmed. 
Offline programming requires only about 1/10 of the time that online teaching would take to expand a program. It also allows programs to be simulated in advance. Thus, errors can be searched for and corrected at an early stage without the need for collisions. Furthermore, the parameters of the system or cell, as well as the joint angles, speed and acceleration of the robot can be monitored and optimally adjusted. 

Our engineering team at joke develops offline programming concepts for robot cells. As shown in the example on an individual machining cell in combination with a Nachi robot.
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Fanuc Robot

Robots find more and more application in automation. Joke mechanix GmbH uses robots from Fanuc to perform precise and always the same processes around the clock.
Their field of application is diverse and facilitates a stable and safe production.