Offline programming by joke mechanix

Offline programming is the programming of the robot outside of its “normal” production environment, on an external computer. Offline programming only requires about 1/10 of the time it would take to expand a program with online teaching.

This can minimize production disruptions and maximize effectiveness.

In addition, offline programming enables the programs to be simulated in advance. This means that errors can be found and repaired at an early stage without collisions having to occur. Furthermore, the parameters of the system or cell, as well as the joint angles, speed and acceleration of the robot can be monitored and optimally adjusted.

Our engineering team at joke develops offline programming concepts for robot cells. In the example shown here, an individual processing cell in combination with a Nachi robot.

The focus here is not on packaging or moving bags, but on automating processes related to surface processing. Theoretically, this can be anything from simply moving workpieces to complex high-gloss polishing.

In the picture you can see that the robot stores new workpieces in its tray and gradually polishes them.
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