Repair service


The joke repair service

In most cases it is only the heating tape that needs to be replaced.
You can do this yourself, our brief flyer explains to you
step by step how to change the rail coverings. For more difficult repairs we recommend the joke repair service which will get your device back into shape.

Which products can be sent in?

In general, you can send us all defective devices. For larger
machines such as our joke BagBoy or FSA, we ask you to contact our 
service department. Normally, the "on-site service" is the more sensible way.

What does a repair cost?

Every repair is different, of course. In the case of a guarantee (within two
years after purchase), they are free of charge, but wear and tear material
rail linings are excluded. In all other cases, the repair service first informs you about the expected repair
costs and then gives you the opportunity to decide whether you want to have the job carried out.

Should you decide against the cost estimate, you will incur the following costs:

  • small appliances (e.g. CONIFORM, various pliers, HT & FERMANT of all type) a handling fee of 40 € 
  • larger devices like e.g. HTM and larger 70 €.


What happens if the repair costs exceed the price of a new unit?

In this case, we offer you free scrapping of the old unit when you buy a new one.



Do you have any questions?

Please contact us