Solid reliability:
high-performance side seal bag production line joke wicketer

for the production of side-seal separated flap-bags at an unmatched cut price

Discover here the reliable performance of our high-output production line for the precise production of side-seal separated bags. This sturdy production line offers a reliable solution for your requirements at a reasonable price. It is designed to fulfill all essential needs of your individual production – and it may be exactly what you need.

Basic elements of efficient production:

  • Servo-drive technology: state of the art performance and exemplary reliability for a precise motion control.
  • SPS-control: high grade control system by a leading supplier warranting flawless integration and efficient processing.
  • Touchscreen main control: easy and clear control access via a user-friendly touch screen panel for easy use.
  • Shaftless film unwinder: permitting the use of the widest possible range of film rolls for smooth unwinding without unwieldy heavy-weight unwinder shafts.
  • Folding triangle with motor-driven manual positioning: Flexibility for a wide range of requirements without complicated need for automatization.
  • Pneumatic two-hole punch with slit knife: precise hole punching for hang-up pin holes for flap bags.
  • Photoelectric cell for print repeat control: controlled and reproducible production results thanks to photoelectric cell surveillance.

This production line offers an efficient and durable solution at reasonable investment, fulfilling all essential needs and beyond. If you’re looking for a reliable and robust solution for your packaging production, this line is what you need.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for further information and find out what this reliable machine can do for your processing.

Curious? Our demonstration line is ready for view in operation at our facility. Get in touch to arrange a visit!


SPS control for precise automatic control and repeatable results.
Walzenkamm Folie
Pressurized air supply comb for precise film guidance.
vorzugswalze Türkis Folie
Rubber-coated draw rollers for that extra special grip control.
Bildschirm touch Finger Maschine
Touch-Screen for clear and user-friendly operation.
shaftless Folienrollenführung
Shaftless unwinder unit – without roll carrier shaft – quick film roll exchange with easy adjustment to individual roll cores.
Lochstanze Folie
Pneumatic two-hole punch with slit knife for varied uses – e.g. hang-up pin holes or safety slits
Wicketer Flügelarmsystem
The wicketer! The transport wheel with three suction hubs at 10 reception arms each collects the bags and deposits them on the transport unit.
Folien abwickeln
Film reservoir for smooth transit from continuous to intermittent film transport range.



For the production of flap bags / side seal bags 

standard uses:

  • bread bags
  • hygiene bags
  • medicinal use transport bags
  • dispatch bags
  • fruit and vegetable packaging bags



Special upgrade

Improve your wicketer with a special upgrade! Your joke-wicketer can be outfitted with a fully automated high-end robot packing system.


ROI < 3 years

Basis: 2-shift operation • 5 day week • minimum wage
ROI (Return of Investment)


Fanuc’s innovative robot system takes your wicketer to a new level. Integration of this state-of-the-art robot system will maximize your production potential by e.g. automated depositing of the bags in your packaging boxes – with constant flow and precision around the clock.

More than an upgrade – a revolution in your productive processes. Invest in your company’s future by increased efficiency and productivity. Treat yourself to the top range with a joke wicketer, now available with a first-class robotic system by Fanuc.



The joke robo-system can be connected to existing production lines of other manufacturers as well – please get in touch for further information!





The video about the joke Wicketer with robo-system





Technical data

Working width600 mm
Max. Film roll diameter1200 mm
Processable filmsHD-PE 2 x 20-30 μm
LD-PE 2 x 30-70 μm
PP 2 x 20-40 μm
Transport speedmin. 15m/min. – max. 120 m/min.
Cycle speed450 T/min.
Bag depositingPin stacking
Bag width (draw)80-330 mm
Bag height240-580 mm
Connecting voltage400 VAC
Pressurized air6-8 bar
Cooling water18 – 24 °C, closed circuit





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