By replacing your existing Siemens and ELAU control system with a current B & R control system, you can continue to use your machine - and even make it more efficient...!

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Matching video of an already converted system:

The following components get replaced:

  • Servo axes, ACOPOS from B&R, for 
    • cycle motor
    • Feed 1
    • Feed 2
    • Gripper carriage
  • Touch screen with controller (PLC), B&R
  • Input and output modules, B&R
  • new software
  • Wiring, complete function test and test run of the machine
  • The Baumüller motors are taken over and remain.


Your advantages of the joke conversion package:

  • Same user interface as before
  • The operator is immediately familiar with the handling of the system.
  • We have transferred the functions of the LAUER control system to the new touch screen from B&R.
  • No learning curve. Same functions as before!
  • Same mechanical spare parts
  • Latest control and drive technology
  • New software
  • Higher efficiency and higher speed!


Example of a successful rebuild of a LEMO INTERmat HT 1100.3/1350, year of construction 1996

The existing ELAU control system was defective and could no longer be available on the market. The joke team replaced the controlunit with a B & R control and completely overhauled the
HT system completely. Afterwards, the number of cycles was 200c/min and has since been running much more quietly and no longer at the power limit. 


This T-Shirt-bag production line received all control and drive modifications as described above. PLUS:

  • New CFRP feed rollers (undivided and made of CFRP, therefore less mass, which in turn results in higher performance)
  • New ball bearings
  • New guides Welding bar
  • Replacement of all consumables
  • Completely cleaned and partially repainted.

The cycle speed is **200 c/min** (with Baumüller motors) and runs with  new servo axes, new software and preferential rollers made of CFK.
This means that the LEMO INTERmat 1100.3/1350 runs much smoother and no longer at power limit.


When old motors were exchanged by the current motors from Baumüller, a speed of more than 250T/min was achieved.

Technical information:

  • unwinder: width: 1.600 mm
  • max. reel diameter: 1200 mm
  • Side gusset: max. insertion depth: 110 mm
  • Main machine: max. working width: 1070 mm
  • Feed: 380 - 700 mm
  • Max. bag width: 330 mm, with 3 panels
  • Web speed max.: 100 m/min
  • Max. number of cycles: 200 c/min
  • Weldable film thickness and quality: 
    • HD-PE: max. 30% LLD-PE: 10 - 25 μm
    • LD-PE: max. 30% LLD-PE: 25 - 40 μm