Special devices are our specialty

Our standard devices already cover a very wide area of film sealing technology. Yet as is well known, it is said that it is often the little things that cause the problems: modifications are required in order to precisely fulfil customer requirements, always based on the technology of the tried and trusted device series in our catalogue.

We are very proud of many solutions realised over the years. Decisive in this case is the constant dialogue between our customers and the product experts in our company. Because it is only together that we can obtain an optimum result for both parties.

Sometimes you wonder what you can seal...


We have already implemented these special solutions - a cross-section of possibilities, so to speak.

  • Mouth pillows
  • Egg bands in battery cages
  • Bulletproof vests
  • Bubble wraps
  • Eye wash ampoules
  • Socket in conjunction with film (also aluminum composite)
  • Surgical clothing, overcoats and shoes
  • Fat ball nets
  • Ornamental fish bag
  • Fleece filter
  • Pig insemination tubes
  • Hair extensions
  • Blood bags
  • Body bags
  • Mattress packaging


Send us an inquiry with your idea and we will work with you to think about how you can implement it.