Some can do it beautifully, some cheaply, all can process PE films, but we can do more!
The FERMANT FLEXI-series offers versatile problem-solving options for virtually all thermoplastically sealable materials such as for example PE film up to 2 x 400 µm, compound films, fabrics, fleece, textiles, foams, insulating materials, filter materials, medical packaging, some PVC films, acrylic materials and films, PET films and tubes.

In-house heater strip production means that almost nothing remains to be desired, whether flat heater strips, cutting wires, beaded heater strips, T-profiles, doubleseam, sealing strips and zebra heater strips are involved, even in all lengths and widths.

Accompanying this wide range of possible variations, we offer the selection of digital device controllers, temperature controllers, stainless steel housings, different sealing bar variants such as for example water-cooled bars and the option of building up a higher sealing pressure if necessary.

This variety is unique on the film-sealing device market!

The advantages at a glance:
  • very FLEXIble with special solutions
  • devices in the dimensions 40, 60, 80 and 120 cm sealing length
  • widest array of heater strips possible
  • constant contact pressure
  • film passage is identical to the sealing seam length
  • infinite sealing parameter adjustment
  • reproducibility of the sealing parameters governed by a digital controller
  • integrated item counter
  • operation using an electric foot switch; the operator keeps both hands free!
  • can be operated as a tabletop sealing device or on the machine stand

Technical data

Fuse16 A, slow-blow
Connected Voltage230 V
OperatingFoot switch
Film passage1200 mm
Weight70 kg
Impulse timecontinuously digitally adjustable
Cooling timecontinuously digitally adjustable
Dimension (W x H x D)1430 mm x 260 mm x 320 mm
Range of action65 mm
Bar opening25 mm
Degree of protectionIP 20
Max. sealing output2 x 0,4 mm PE-Foil
Width of sealing seam4 mm
Sealing length1200 mm