Film sealing machine Fermant NC BG LH 2020

Art-No.: 2057517

For vacuuming and gassing film bags with a barrier layer. The individual times for suction and gassing, as well as frequency, can be set as needed. The bag is held over a special clamping bar during the work cycle clamped and sealed. Construction: 1) Fermant: - The clamping bar behind the sealing bars is operated by a separate vacuum pump inside the Fermant. - Indicator light cycle end in the housing cover - Solenoid valve on the rear of the housing to switch from gassing to suction - Standard foot switch 2) Control and vacuum control cabinet: - Touch screen display for setting all sealing parameters - Selector switch with 4 levels: 1: sealing 2: suction + sealing 3: Suction + gassing + suction 4: gassing + suction + gassing + suction - Cycle times can be set on the display - Vacuum pump for air extraction - Fermant- Control cabinet cable length: 3 meters Technical specifications: ------------------------ Gassing time: digitally adjustable Heating: pulse-heated on both sides Operation: electric magnets Suction time: digitally adjustable

Technical data

Fuse16 A, slow-blow
Connected Voltage230 V
OperatingFoot switch<br>manual operation<br>Touchscreen LCD Display
Film passage800 mm
Impulse timecontinuously digitally adjustable
Cooling timecontinuously digitally adjustable
Range of action40 mm
Bar opening25 mm
Degree of protectionIP 20
Max. sealing output2 x 0,4 mm PE-Foil
Width of sealing seam4 mm
Sealing length800 mm